Club Canvo JULY spreads...!!

 Hello my bullet journaling friends...

Here are my spreads all done and ready for July...

I used the latest products included in the Club Canvo shipment from "Catherine Pooler Designs"!!

I always like to do a cover page for the month where I add a mini version of the calendar so I can always quickly see the date/day...

For my second spread I did a month page where I can add little notes for each day...

This spread is for adding all my memories for the month of July... 
A nice spot to write everything that I don't want to forget!!

Ink colours I used for all the stamping, ink blending and colouring are :

- Midnight
- Tranquil
- It's a boy
- Icing on the cake
- Samba
- Melon ice
- Daydream
- Tiara

For my last page I wanted to have a spread where I could add any notes, to-do's or anything I need writing space for...

I coloured in all the images using CPD inks and a blender pen!! 

I hope you enjoy these Canvo spreads for JULY, have you got yours ready to start the new month?

Happy journalling everyone, Hugz Ashlee


  1. I love your you share all your months - I'm pretty new -did one for 2021 and still haven't got it done - just the fall to do. Then to start 2022....need some inspiration or a smart artsy buddy!

    1. Yep I usually share my monthly spreads each month here on my blog and other social media platforms 😁

    2. not sure why my name doesn't show up - I am following your blog now!

    3. ok so it's still not - my name is Eva


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