Club Canvo FEBRUARY spreads...!!

Hey everyone... 

I've got my Canvo spreads ready for February using the latest Catherine Pooler "Club Canvo" goodies....

Club Canvo is a monthly subscription service where you receive suprise stamps and a stencil to create your next month spreads in your Canvo journal!!

Catherine released 8 new "Date night" ink colours this month so I decided to use those for my colour scheme....

My first spread I always like to do a month cover so I added a colourful stencilled heart using the  "Faceted heart trio stencil" and stamped in some little flowers from the "February to do's" stamp set...

I used the "Weekly seven stencil" to do a Calendar of dates for the February month.... 

My next spread uses the super cool stamp set "Build a terrarium"!!

How cool are these hanging terrariums full of succulents??!!

They decorated my notes and to do's page nicely!!

The next couple of spreads are my monthly dates ready to write in any appointments or notes for each separate date....

To do this I used the "Future log stencil" and decorated with a bunch of succulents stamped using the date night ink colours....

For my last spread for the month I used the Faceted heart trio stencil again and created some ink blended hearts with places to add extra notes or anything I need to jot down....

How gorgeous are these colours of ink right??!!
I love them!!

I hope I've got you inspired to get your spreads ready for next month, 
Happy Canvoing everyone...

Hugz Ashlee 


  1. Ashlee your pages are amazing!!

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