Sweet little bunny....!!

Hey crafty friends...

Easter will be here before we know it so I thought for this weeks "Miss Ink Stamps" inspiration I would create an easter card for my little one...

For this card I used the "Springtime bunnies" stamp set along with the "Halftone rectangles" stencil....

To create the card I used some Catherine Pooler ink in the colours listed below with the stencil and blended the background on a white card base....

- Sweet sixteen
- It's a girl
- Garden party 

Using some liquid glue I drew the glue on in a few of the rectangles and added on the WOW! earth sparkles in the colour Shrimp...

I stamped, coloured with Copic and cut out the bunnies on their eggs and added them to the base with varying layers of foam tape for dimension!!

Bunnies - C00, C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, R20
Eggs - G20, G21, G24, BV11, BV13, R81, R85

To finish the card off I die cut a banner and stamped on the "for my sweet little bunny" also from the springtime bunnies stamp set and of course a touch of Crater lake CP sequins!!

Hope you enjoy my inspiration for MIS this week and happy crafting, 
Hugz Ashlee


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